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ELZA EUROPE has been offering complete service in printed circuit board (PCB) assembly since 1991. We assemble PCBs using surface mount technology (SMT) and through hole technology (THT). Most projects are assembled on the basis of customers‘ specification. Hokami can also cooperate on research and development.

Electronics are produced under controlled conditions according to the ISO9001:2008 standard. Product inspection and manufacturing operations are governed by IPC-A-610E standard and customers‘ individual requirements.

ELZA operates 4 complete SMT lines, containing high-tech assembling machines Yamaha YS24X and Assembleon MG1-R. We provide a controlled process of unleaded and leaded soldering throughout the whole production process. We are able to assemble PCBs up to 700×460 mm large.

Due to continuous investment in technology, we are able to exceed standard requirements. In the event that our equipment is not equal to your technological needs, we are ready to accept the challenge and implement new technology in order to process your order.

Recent capacity of SMT lines is 50 million components per month. THT line capacity is 4 million components per month.

Our assembling machines:

  • 1x Yamaha YS24X
  • 1x Assembleon MG1-R
  • 3x Assembleon Topaz Xi